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Looking for a way to Jumpstart your private practice?


Employing your skills at The Columbus Wellness Center presents a distinctive chance to cultivate your business and brand within a cooperative work setting that fosters your personal and professional development.

  • Do you have the freedom to run your business independently? Yes.

  • Can you partner with fellow practitioners to host events and provide services? Absolutely we love a good collaboration!

  • Does The Columbus Wellness Center provide assistance with advertising and marketing? Yes, our marketing  can design ads, and you handle the marketing and service sales. Ad costs: $50 small, $75 large

  • Can I receive referrals from other providers? That's the objective!

  • Am I accountable for growing my client base? Yes, you're in charge of your own successful pipeline :) However, we're here to support you as well!

  • BHealthy Practitioners are 1099. The Columbus Holistic Wellness Center Practitioners are Rental opportunities,

Session Rates Clinical Therapy: Average $90/hr.

Contact Us:

Clinical Health Practitioners Contact Virginia Clagg or (614) 352-6807 (text)

Holistic Health practitioners Contact Jay Hollingshed:

(833) 432-5371 or

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

We accept most major insurances and medicaid exchanges. 

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Renting Space:

Rental Rates: 

Now offering 1 year leases. Refundable deposit is $150, due at time of contract signing. 

  • 12 month lease options available with lease deposit $150.

  • 0-5 Hrs a week: $175/mo.

  • 5-10 hrs a week: $250/mo.

  • 10-15 hrs/wk: $325/mo.

  • 15+ hrs a week: $450/mo.

  • Private Office $700/mo.

  • Group Space Rental $100 an hour, minimum 2 hours.

  • All Rental Spaces are shared, with three practitioners per office, based on their PT/FT status.

  • Each office is assigned a number, and schedules will be posted on the doors. It's essential to adhere to these schedules. Office mates will share phone access for coordinating the usage of offices during scheduled times.

  • In case of an urgent session outside your assigned hours, you can utilize an unoccupied office.

  • You will receive designated space for storing and displaying personal items. Please note that TCWC is not responsible for any stolen or missing property, and personal office doors are not locked during non-business hours.

  • Each office is furnished with a sound machine, essential oil diffuser, computer, tablet, and is fully equipped.

  • This is a space rental opportunity based on collaboration. You are responsible for handling your taxes, income, advertising, marketing, and sales.

  • To get started, please provide the following to

  • Contact information, including phone number, email, website address, and social media links.

  • Licensure, background checks, certifications, and liability insurance (if applicable).

  • A black and white headshot (candid photos are welcome).

  • A brief bio, your credentials, and degree titles.

  • Payment links.

  • You will be featured on the TCWC website as a staff member. A link to your personal page will help direct traffic to your business page and payment links.

  • Your services, masterclasses, and events will be promoted on the TCWC website and social media pages/groups.

  • Rent is due to Virginia Clagg via ZELLE at (614) 352-6807 or on the 1st of each month.

  • BONUS Start-up Runway: Signing a one-year lease includes 30 days of FREE rent (plus FREE prorated days).

  • BONUS: Receive $100 off one month's rent for practitioners who recruit another practitioner that signs a one-year lease.

  • You are encouraged to attend and promote the monthly sound bath, which includes food and drinks, as a value-added service for your clients and occurs on the Full Moon each month.

  • You have the flexibility to determine the pricing for your services, masterclasses, and events.

  • For events and workshops, you can schedule with the directors using a shared Google schedule.

  • Multiple events can be scheduled on the same day, so please coordinate accordingly based on your event's needs.

  • Daily traffic clients and practitioners can enjoy provided water and light snacks.

  • Food and drinks for events and workshops will be supplied by the practitioners hosting the event. Please refrain from using center supplies for your events.

  • After using rooms, kindly return them to their original state. Multiple reminders may result in a $25 cleaning fee. This includes replacing all materials, placing linens in the hamper, making up massage beds, moving chairs back, taking out the trash, and putting dishes in the dishwasher, among other tasks. Please avoid leaving dishes in the sink.

  • While you're welcome to enjoy the amenities, any food left in the fridge after Fridays will be discarded. Be mindful of taking your personal items out of the fridge daily or weekly. Labeling your food dishes for personal use is encouraged, as any unlabeled items are considered for general staff enjoyment (including those in the cupboards).

Planning For Success

Empower Growth

Starting your Small Business               

  • Decide between for profit or non-profit
  • Choose a business name
  • Register your name with Secretary of State
  • File for Non-profit status (optional)
  • Register for an EIN with the
  • Start a Bank Account 
  • Create pay links (Ivy Pay for Clinical)
  • Create social media pages
  • Create a domain name for a website & Build your site
  • Create a business email address 
  • Create business cards & marketing
  • Create your Google profile
  • Identify your target market and map it out
  • Go sell your "widget" (business)
  • Keep 30% of sales back for taxes (file quarterly)

Starting your Clinical Private Practice    

  • Do everything in Box above
  • Order liability Insurance
  • Set up CAQH
  • Set up your NPI
  • Set up your medicaid #
  • Set up Psych Today profile
  • Get Credentialed with the insurance companies
  • Contact a biller (optional)
  • Set up your EHR
  • Set up Telehealth
  • Choose a logo
  • Choose a color pallet
  • Get a photo of yourself done
  • Decide how people will contact you
    • Phone​
    • Fax
    • Email
    • PO Box
    • Mail address vs.Business Address

Branding (how the market sees you)      

Empower You

Marketing (the Story you tell)                           

  • Map out content (your story) (Chat GPT)
  • Choose work days and times
  • Add branding & content to:
    • Website​
    • Social Media
      • page​
      • group
    • Google (Search engines)
    • Hand Out Materials
  • Print hand out media​
  • Plan to continuously update media images, styles & how you market (or risk getting stale )

Sales (finding paying customers)                      

  • Create a home office space
  • Find a rental location (optional)
  • Buy a calendar
  • Identify your target market (who wants what you have and where are they?)
  • Identify trade shows, festivals, events you'll attend annually- add to calendar
  • Identify Days you'll sell, add to calendar
  • Identify days you'll deliver services, add to calendar
  • Map out your sales territory (whats around you? Locations your customers will be?)
  • Identify sales goals
    • How much $$ do you want to make
    • How many businesses you'll market to per day
    • How many new sales leads you'll contact each week?
    • How much new/old business should be in your pipeline each week?
  • Commit to failing first​
  • Learn from what doesn't work
  • Repeat what does work!
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