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Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Well, its not for everyone. I can tell you that from a clinical point of view I can have harder conversations when we have live interactions. That sounds weird I know, but, if I say something that doesnt feel awesome (and I inevitabley will, you're in therapy!) or that I can't pull you back from, I run the risk of losing you or hurting you (which is never the goal).

I'm not a hard therapist to get a long with but let's be real. If you are interested in change, I'm your girl. If you need someone just to talk to and listen, I'm your girl. If you need some education about a mental health or recovery topic, I'm your girl. If you need space and grace while you move through the stages of change, I'm your girl. I just need you to decide which hat you want me to wear and I will hold space for whatever your needs. If Im on telehealth, and we haven't determned what that is yet, it may get awkward.

Truth time: I have had peoples family members walk through rooms, naked babies walk into the frame, people cooking, I swear someone was going to the bathroom, but I digress... I meet you where you are however that looks and feels. Please don't let me see your bathing suit parts and we'll get along great!

I think telehealth got real popular after COVID. THANK GOD if you ask me. We were long overdue for helping people across county lines. God willing we can move across state lines soon. Why bring geography into it? Because not all clinicians are created equal, are tenured, are seasoned, are experinced etc, ad nauseam. Sorry newbies, it's what it is. If you want to finds the skilled practitioners and you live in the hinterlands, you may have to go the telehealth route.

Personally, I love the freedom in my schedule. I can have dinner cooked, dogs walked, laundry done, house cleaned, homework finished and be in bed at a decent hour by the time the day is done. Plus I can manage on demand therapy for folks in dire need.

There are a lot of good reasons for us to be working on telehealth so I say for sure give it a try. If it doesn't work for you thats okay, but we have it as a flexible mechanism in the marketplace and that means success.


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