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Professionals in the behavioral healthcare field have numerous options and extensive opportunities, like writing curriculum. However, navigating the starting point and finding time to develop it can be challenging for clinicians.

That's why the experts at BHealthy have taken the initiative to create curriculum for you. Simply incorporate your own information, submit it for CEUs, and get in the business of making additional streams of income, minus all the hard work!

Curriculums Includes:

  • Written in Industry Standard Outline
  • Links to Train the Trainer
  • Exercises
  • Easy Modules  
  • Group Work
  • Peer Reviewed Resources
  • Evidence Based
  • Clinical Note
  • Handouts
  • Workshop Evaluation Forms
  • Sign In Sheets: Groups & Clinicians for CEU's
  • Informed Consent
  • Sample Certificate

If you have questions we have answers!


Breathwork & Meditation

3.5 hrs.

Join a serene session featuring breathwork, meditation, a profound exploration of the underlying causes of dis-ease, and the purposeful release of what no longer serves you.

This comprehensive training/workshop is designed to support both you and your clients in initiating a restart, revitalizing, and empowering yourselves to embark on life's journey with strength and clarity.

Trauma Prevention
for First Responders

Trauma Prevention

Coming Soon!

broken heart.jpeg

Trauma Bonding,
Breaking & Healing
from Broken Love

Trauma Recovery

Coming Soon!

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